All season we have been saying "we're headed to Maine". We are just over the border now and our next dilemma is deciding which of the wonderful places we can fit it. But first, a short recap of the last 2 weeks.

This is CORMORANT, dressed for the 4th of July, in Newport by the Beacon Rock Mansion. That night, we were treated to traditional fireworks.

Cuttyhunk Island was our next stop. Right at the tip of the long chain of islands leading to Woods Hole and Martha's Vineyard, it is a popular weekend destination for the 1000's of sailors in the region. On the Friday of the long weekend we thought there might not be room, but we arrive midday and it was easy to find a spot in the large outer anchorage.

Saturday night we spent at anchor in Onset, just at the entrance to the Cape Cod canal, and we were treated to even more--and better--fireworks! What more could we ask--good weather, a secure anchorage, pizza ashore, and a sound and light show. The next morning we caught the current to fly through the canal at 9+ knots.

Sunday was Situate, a cruiser's dream of a place. The laundry is a 3 minute walk and the grocery just a couple of minutes further. We will definitely stop here on our return.


Then Monday, finally, we were in Boston on a mooring ($50/night) at Boston Waterboat Marina, right off the end of Long Wharf. Lots of daytime wakes from the ferries, but the location can't be beat. We caught up with friends Marge and Don after too many years, and also had Keith and Sarah on the boat for dinner. We had not seen them for 16 years, but Keith always wrote when we send a Christmas letter or updated one of our web pages or blog. Now he and Sarah are part owners of a boat and dreaming of cruising!

Gloucester Fishermen's Memorial

Thursday-Sunday were in Gloucester, where we were kindly loaned a free mooring by Tony and Louisa, fellow cruisers. We wanted the mooring because Sat morning John and Joanne picked us up to drive for a weekend in Maine at the Inman's place. Scott and Jennie are former Foxboro employees, like Harry, John, and Mark. It was a wonderful weekend with lots of food, drink and conversation all set with the Maine freshwater lake in the background. Here is one photo of that.

After a couple of days at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard marina for some commissary shopping (thanks to Harry for his 32 years in the Air Guard and Reserve) we are underway now to Biddeford Pool, ME. AT&T is spotty up here so updates will happen when possible, but not regularly. Stay tuned!

One note: back on the Delaware River I had a photo of this wild looking boat I called a UFO. It turns out to be a solar powered boat which has circumnavigated. If you Google solar boat you will probably find it.

Peter Hermet
7/17/2013 01:31:40 am

Hi Harry and Jane, we remember so many of these places visited in Bevy... We were thinking of you on the 4th July and was sure you would have your flags up (Like in Israel). Keep up the good work, nice blog. Peter and Dorothy.

Chuck Spratt
7/19/2013 06:34:19 am

I hope you get to go north as far as Bar Harbor. Beautiful around Acadia National Park. You might get to see the Cat flying out of Bar Harbor each morning at 55kts headed for Nova Scotia! Thanks for the pictures and stories. We love them!

Lenny & Gina
7/20/2013 11:30:02 pm

Happy birthday Harry. We've been thinking of you two so much. Love catching up on your web site. We are still sitting in the Caribbean - Gina in BVIs and Lenny in Grenada. Should be back together in a week or so though. Looks like you two are having fun.

Doug & Diane
8/4/2013 09:32:27 pm

Saw your beautiful boat in Bucks Harbor Me(our home port). We have been searching for the perfect cruising boat for a long time....and you have it! At this moment, Doug is looking at Corbins on Yatch World. Love your blog, hope you enjoy your time in Maine.

Bob Landry
8/6/2013 03:33:49 am

Hi Harry & Jane,
I'm glad to hear that you've returned to the US for a while. I must have missed your boat at Long Wharf in Boston. That's where I catch the ferry for Hull every day.
I hope to catch you guys when you pass this way again. FYI: I live ten minutes from Scituate as well.
We also have a place in Pompano Beach, FL.
Bob Landry

Harry and Jane Hungate
8/13/2013 11:53:00 pm

Thanks for your message. We think our boat is beautiful too--and it is the perfect cruising boat. We are back and forth on the idea of selling her, so if you are interested get back to us at the email address

Elyas Achkar
7/30/2016 01:34:58 pm

Hi Harry,
This is Elyas from California! Remember when you retired and I moved to Canada in 1997? Your friend in Syria?
Just saying hi!


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