For over a week now we have had no ATT connection, so we can't update the blog with photos until we do.  Meanwhile, we just want to let everyone know that we are having a wonderful time in beautiful Maine.  After lots of fog, lots of rain, and cold temperatures, we now have had 4 straight days of sun!  So things are looking up.  The SSCA gam in Isleboro, Maine was last weekend.  Over 65 boats came and one of those was Maggie, with John and Gail whom we had not seen since 1999 in Trinidad.  The cruising community is small and one never says good-bye.  Then we picked blueberries in Buck's Harbor and picked up our good friend Andrew to start the CCA Maine Cruise.  That will fill all our time until after August 16, where it ends in Roque Island, fairly far "down east".

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