Gaeta Vecchia, 6am
This is the beautiful view of Gaeta Vecchia as we were leaving this morning at 6 am--and it still looked glorious when we anchored in front of it at 8 am!  Our forecast of light winds from the SE in reality were 17 knots of wind directly from the W, and on the nose.  Combined with sloppy seas, we decided we are cruisers without a deadline, so we returned to wait for a better day.  Right now it looks like a Sunday night departure, but as always cruiser plans are "set in jello".  So on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon we are relaxing in the cockpit, reading our books, and watching all the weekend cruisers play on the water.

Our good friends here have all made successful departures from Gaeta this week, finding either a good direction or favorable winds for their plans.  First to leave this week was our close friend from the winter, Jayne, as she took a cruise group to the Swan rendezvous at Elba.  Then Peter and Dorothy on Purr looked at weather Monday morning and moved their departure for Rome forward a day.  On Thursday, Scott and Mary on Egret changed plans, within a 4 hour span, from cruising Italy and spending the winter in Gaeta, to motoring directly to Gibralter and then on to Nova Scotia by August. That is probably the best example of cruiser flexibility we know.  The last photo is from this morning, and it is an arrival.  The USS Mount Whitney, based here in Gaeta, came home in the mist of early morning. 

Peter and Dorothy
7/3/2011 01:52:20 am

Hi fellow travellers, we are glad to hear that you are having fun back in Gaeta, have a good trip west and keep up the blog.

9/24/2012 09:39:10 am

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