Flag of Morocco
We left Rabat-Sale, Morocco on Saturday, 29 October, together with 22 other boats.  The "window" for crossing the bar was only about 3 hours, so everyone was nervous about getting through the formalities of passports, customs, and surf in time.  Luckily Harry and Mike had talked with the police ahead of time, and they agreed--for probably the first time ever--to clear boats on the dock and let us leave after clearing.  We were the second boat, and we thought we were free to go.  But NO, we had to go back!  They had been unable to get the drug dog aboard, and we thought they said it was OK.  We had to return to the dock, side tie, and have our canine guest and 2 handlers aboard.  We passed, and off we went.  It was a smooth, uneventful passage, with good sailing wind most of the way. 

Our Canary, hitching a ride
On our last afternoon, a tiny bird landed on deck and very quickly made itseft at home.  It came inside, sat on our arms and heads, and as dark fell, it was inside.  We searched the boat the next morning, but it was nowhere to be found.  We were just offshore, so it must have flown home.  It was, we think, a canary!

We rented a car and have explored Lanzarote for the past 2 days.  The first day we ended at the seaside home of friends we first met cruising in the San Blas Islands of Panama in 2000, and whom we last saw in New Zealand in 2004.  Below is a photo of us with John and Steffi.  It was a wonderful reunion.  Somehow, they have not aged a single bit.

Robin & Bob
11/9/2011 04:16:07 pm

So glad you were able to get together with John & Steph, that's so cool... we're jealous! Hugs to all from us. Looks like a very interesting island.


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