Flying the Spanish courtesy flag
Exactly 2 weeks after we decided we were ready to move on to the Balearics, we arrived!  The Mistral was relentless, but finally it let up and we were off.  It took us about 45 hours with lots of rain on the first night, but then the sun came out, we could sail, and all the rest is forgotten.  In the early morning light we motored into the anchorage of Mahon, Menorca.  After reading all the Patrick O'Brien books, we could just feel ourselves sailing into the English fleet in the Med.  Although the British were actually in control here for very few years in the 1700's, their legacy is apparent in the building styles and the waterfront fortifications. 

Our Spanish learned in the Caribbean is of almost no use here, since they speak Catalan first (the name of the town is Mao, not Mahon), and when they do speak Spanish it doesn't sound anything like we remember.  Oh well, those brain cells will have to start working again.  We are in town now after touring the museum this morning.  Then we had lunch, went to the Church of Santa Maria for a baroque organ concert, and are now in an internet cafe.  We were able to get unlimited internet as well as cheap phone calls to the US on the iPhone, but to get the connection for the computer was just too expensive.  We will still keep up this blog, but it probably won't be as frequently as when we were in Italy.  Apple won't let Adobe flash player load on the iPhone, so we can't update from the phone.  "Why can't we all just get along?"

For the sailors among you, we won't give a lat/long for our actual anchoring spot, because this is almost August and space is definitely first come, first anchor.  It is a 30 minute dinghy ride into town with our 3.5 hp dinghy engine, but it is an interesting trip and not much trouble with wakes at all.  A nice young man named Antonio comes around to the boats in the anchorage and offers to bring groceries, take people into town, or whatever you need.  His grocery list had prices lower than in the supermarkets in Gaeta, so that is very good for us.  We have hikes to do, a fort to explore, and the market yet to visit, so there will be more here soon.

Susanne and Anders
7/30/2011 09:10:23 pm

Nice to see that you are at Menorca now. After a visit on the French riviera and Corsika are we now on Sardinia. We are planning to sail to Menorca next week if the wind are good. It seems like you had a good time on Sardinia, we hope that we will meet you again.
Best regards
Anders and Susanne

Bob & Robin Jones
7/31/2011 08:07:12 am

Checked the blog right away this am after seeing an item on the news about Etna starting to erupt... glad you are so far west, and Congratulations on not only making it to Menorca but also sailing!!! ENJOY

7/31/2011 11:48:36 pm

photos are so much easier than waypoints...looks wonderful! and thrilled to hear that prices are lower..XOXO J.

9/24/2012 08:51:35 am

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