At anchor, Rockland, Maine August 23, 2013

This cruise up the East Coast, and now in Maine, has been wonderful. We know that we still love cruising, but we also have decided that CORMORANT is not the right boat for our next adventures. Since we completed our circumnavigation and then brought the boat back into US waters in April of 2012, we have been thinking a lot about "what next". On Monday afternoon we each sat down with a blank sheet of paper divided into 4 parts: (1) reasons to keep the boat (2) plans for the future still with CORMORANT (3) reasons to sell, and (4) plans for the future without it. When we looked at them together, we just had to laugh. We both had the same things in every box. Clearly we love CORMORANT, but we want to do more coastal cruising and even the Great Loop on the Great Lakes and rivers. We still want to cruise, but for shorter periods of time. CORMORANT is the perfect live-aboard boat for cruising anywhere in the world. We hope that whoever buys her will see that potential and love her as much as we do.

Our cruise continues and as we head back west and south from Maine we will keep up the blog. We have lots of places we missed on the way up, and on whatever boat we have next year, we plan to cruise the Cheasepeake and up the Potomic. More to come...

Lenny & Gina
8/24/2013 09:44:17 am

We know how much you love Cormorant and know how lucky her new owners will be. Wish to heaven it was us because you know we have always loved her too. Funny how our stories are so similar. We're looking forward to a new and different adventure too. We will keep a watchful eye on your blog for updates.
Love from both of us.

8/30/2013 08:46:25 pm

Wow Jane and Harry. I know nothing about your kind of life, but I imagine it will quite a shock to your systems to sell Cormorant. What a fine boat she must be. Please, please let me know if you sail down near me.

Keith and Sarah
9/25/2013 02:17:24 am

Cormorant's new owners want you to know that they will do their very best to take good care of her.

You are always welcome aboard. You guys never need to ask permission. :)


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