Newport is known as the yachting center of the NE US, and probably of the entire country. The main street is called America's Cup Avenue and the harbor is full of boats. We are very lucky to be guests on a mooring right under the "Beacon Rock Mansion", in the most protected part of the harbor, Brenton Cove, and in a direct upwind location for the 4 th of July fireworks tomorrow. We will dress ship tomorrow morning, as we have every 4th of July for 15 years.

Only in Newport--street trash receptacles with solar powered compactors!
Right on the waterfront since 1910 for servicemen and seamen. We had a wonderful hot shower, with towel, for $2
And for a laugh, Newport's kind of winery...
Chuck Spratt
7/3/2013 02:43:21 pm

Thanks for the great pictures. A few years ago I got lost in Rhode Island (near Newport) by trusting my GPS instead of instinct. Happy 4th!


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