We have been having problems with Internet, and I wrote and lost this post twice already. So this is in bits and I hope keeping it short will allow it to finish.

Doesn't this look like a UFO? Whatever it is, it was moving down the Delaware River. Yes, we did finally get out of the Chesapeake and across the Chesapeake-Delaware Canal. Just after we anchored at Reedy Island this strange thing appeared.

The next morning we could see why we had such a quiet night. Several miles of dyke, only visible at low tide, run north and south of Reedy Island. Why they were installed we don't know, but they make a good breakwater for us cruisers.

The next night we moved 15 miles across to the Jersey side and anchored in Cohassey Creek--for more storms. The place has a reputation for bad biting flies, but our "screen room" kept the cockpit pleasant. We took it down too early, though, and all the way to New York, offshore, we were swatting flies.

Yes, the map at the end shows we made a big move. Tonight we are at anchor in Gravesend Bay, just outside the Verranzano Narrows Bridge. Tomorrow, the Statue of Liberty and Hell Gate!

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