We have been loving it here in Mao.  One entire day was spent exploring the tunnels and moat of Fort Isabella, just by our anchorage.  The highlight was a special 1 1/2 hour tour into the works of the 1932 Vickers gun, installed for coastal defense.  It has never been fired except in practice, but it was a wonderful look into "how it works".  Just the mechanism for getting the shells up into the gun from the underground storage was fascinating. 

The next day, we decided to go on a hike we found in a guide book.  It must have been written by a hash-house-harrier, because the directions were " ignore the next gap in the wall, walk 2 minutes, ..."  After over 2 hours of wandering along the coast along the old Cami des Cavalls--the horse trail around the island--and goat tracks, we missed some important turn.  An hour later we finally found a paved road and sat down on a stone wall to wait for a taxi.  Definitely a good decision!

That night we were invited aboard Mokoko for dinner.  We knew the boat from our trip up the Red Sea, but she now has new owners, David and Michelle from Hobart, Tasmania.  Along with another couple, Phil and Monica, from Miss Molly we had a real "cruiser evening" of guitar and harmonica music.  Neither of us can play, but we can sure listen.

Probably tonight we will move on to Soller on Mallorca, if the weather forecast holds.
Peter and Dorothy
8/2/2011 11:58:37 pm

Good to see you are having fun, we are in France proper and getting PURR ready for the canals. X

Rick and Mary
8/8/2011 03:43:07 pm

We have followed in your footsteps as we lingered longer in the north of Sardinia and decided not to trek south. At the moment in Castelsardo waiting out a mini wind which is reported to last only 24 hours so hope to leave tommorrow for Menorca. We had things to do so yesterday was getting Capensis ship shape and fuel stocked. Today I catch up with mails.
See you soon, Rick and mary

Gina & Lenny, Feijao
9/3/2011 02:09:07 am

Thanks for all the great tips. Your website is now one of our first ports of call. We will look into the tour of the fort now that we have arrived in Menorca. Hope to catch you soon.


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