Happy snorkelers!
Jane and her sister Mary, as you can see here, had a wonderful week of snorkeling and swimming at every opportunity in the US and British Virgin Islands.  Mary was able to stay 8 days, so we could go more places and hit the snorkeling highlights.  The very best was the Indians in the BVI, followed by Leinster Bay on St. John.  We swam with loggerhead and hawksbill turtles, saw rays from the boat and while swimming, and even had to get the underwater guide to corals and fishes out to identify all the things we found.  Since Mary is having a partial knee replacement in a week, walking was out but swimming was fantastic.  No pain with no gravity to push those bones together.  Plenty of rum and tonic,  good food, and good books to read in the afternoon "siesta" time made the time pass all too quickly.

Now it is time to say good-bye to the Virgin Islands and begin our trip to the west and the north.  Tomorrow we will sail to Culebra, one of the "Spanish Virgin Islands" and part of Puerto Rico.  From there we plan to go to Vieques and then along the south shore of Puerto Rico before jumping off for the Bahamas.  The next update will be from new cruising grounds, since we want to go to some of the places we missed on the way down in 1999.
Peter and Dorothy
2/28/2012 07:39:22 am

Hi Harry and Jane, have been so busy that we have not had time to breathe. But we are getting excited at leaving for the US in April. Love to you both, great blog, great website. Peter and Dorothy.

Robin & Bob
3/4/2012 06:56:50 am

Looks like you thoroughly covered the VI's! Glad to hear the coral is recovering. Look forward to your impressions of Culebra, Culebrita, Vieques and all, we had lots of fun there on our way north in '96. We got held up in Luperon on the sw corner of Puerto Rico waiting for weather, it was like a time warp to hippy days then... great. Bob went crazy in PR, enjoying a return to US shopping after so long afloat. Dangerous!

5/31/2012 03:36:30 am

Fine info bro


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