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It is Thanksgiving Day here on La Gomera island in the Canaries.  As of yesterday morning, we had no idea how we were going to celebrate this wonderful American holiday.  Now, we have all 3 American boats in the marina getting together, and in the spirit of the holiday, a couple from Scotland are also coming.  As you can see, I made a pecan pie and some cornbread last night.  Today I will try to transform the cornbread into stuffing for a rolled turkey breast.  They do sell turkey here, but it has no skin or bones!  Hopefully the internet ideas I found will keep it moist enough.  If not, there is always gravy.  Pete on Norna is making a stuffed chicken with his father's recipe, Janey on Tsolo is doing yeast rolls, I am also making some balsamic green beans, and the Scots will bring a surprise.  It should be lots of fun in the tradition of Thanksgiving.  And we are truly thankful.

Happy trio
 At the last update, Dale had just left from Tenerife.  On her last day, we set the camera up on a rock and got a good, happy photo of the 3 of us which we wanted to share here.  After a few days, we decided it was time to get on to La Gomera, so on Monday morning we made the 26 mile trip to San Sebastian de La Gomera.  This is the other traditional jumping off point for the Atlantic crossing, besides Las Palmas.  Columbus left from here on his first trip.  The marina is full now, with probably half the boats planning to cross and the other half winter live-aboards.  We have met lots of people and the atmosphere is that of a true cruiser marina--so fun for us. 

Atlantic rowboat, 2 person
One surprise is that in addition to all the boats getting ready to cross, there are 17 rowing boats!  They leave on Sunday, Dec. 4 to ROW to Barbados.  Two are going solo, but the rest are 2, 4, and 6 person crews.  What an amazing challenge they face.  We now have a definite date range for leaving, since we want to go before they do.  Such low boats with little lights will be very hard to see, and it would be horrible to hit one.  So we will certainly--or as certain as one can be on a boat--be underway before the 4th.  More soon...

dianne mcneal
12/4/2011 10:44:05 am

we are looking forward to your return to the Caribbean!


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