After an idyllic week in the La Maddalena Park anchorages, the dreaded "red tongue" started to appear in the Gulf of Lyon on the wind/weather forecasts.  It starts off the coast of France, spreads toward the southeast, and when it gets to the Bocche di Bonifacio--where we are now--it screams through the narrow gap between Corsica and Sardinia. 

So on Wednesday we moved back to our anchorage off Cannigione to get settled and get the anchor well set.  Winds were light during the day so we went ashore for some groceries and visited the visitor center again.  The woman there said with great sorrow, "No good for a few days.  The mistral is here".  All winds have names, and we are only 5 miles from the French Island of Corsica, so of course this is the well-known  Mistral.  We thought since we are not going to France that we would miss it, but no such luck!  It began on Wed. night at 7 pm, going from almost no wind to 25 knots within 10 minutes.  It is now Friday morning and still blowing, but we should be in the "green" by evening.  Unfortunately another one is forecast for Monday-Wednesday, so we will be enjoying Sardinia for a little while longer.  We plan to move to Castelsardo on Sunday and go into the marina there, so we can do some land exploring and celebrate Jane's birthday.

Bob & Robin
7/22/2011 11:49:10 am

Very interesting map and discussion of the mistrals; glad you are now out of their direct route! Hope Jane had a great birthday, and look forward to reading more of your blog. This is great!

9/24/2012 09:36:38 am

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