Our winter home, Gaeta, Italy
Well this is it... the new website, initially developed with lots of help from our friend Peter, on Purr.  We hope you enjoy it. Please post some comments so we know you are out there!

We spent the winter in the small town of Gaeta, Italy in the marina here.  We had a fantastic time, learning some Italian, doing lots of cooking and boat projects with our good friend, and the only other live-aboard in the marina, Jayne, and traveling by land to Venice, Cinque Terre, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, the Amalfi Coast, and Sicily.  There were also lots of short trips within the Rome-Naples area, and a wonderful 6 week trip back to the USA for Thanksgiving and Christmas.   

Now we have finished our annual haul-out and have started to cruise again.  After a one week shake-down to Ventotene, Ponza and Palmerola, we are back in Gaeta now but in the anchorage rather than the marina.  When our new motor mounts arrive next week and we get them in, we'll be off, headed west.  Join us by checking this site to see where we are and what we are up to.

Peter and Dorothy
6/24/2011 12:44:26 am

Hi Harry and Jane, great website, must have been hard work to make it soooooo good. X

Peter and Dorothy
6/24/2011 02:49:49 am

Yes like the new picture... We will keep looking.. X

6/25/2011 08:11:18 pm

Well done. Just love your web site. Now we will be able to stay in touch.
Miss you guys.

Peter and Pauline
6/25/2011 08:19:48 pm

Hi Harry and Jane, Great to hear your news. Have been wondering where you are and what you are doing. At least 4 boats from Alanya are heading West across the Atlantic this winter.
Peter and Pauline

David Dickinson
6/25/2011 08:53:41 pm

Hi from New.Zealand. Great to hear from you and to have a catch up. All looks good with you n Cormorant. I'm still loving living aboard and doing dentistry 3days/week while checking on the office daily when not playing with the toys. Keep in touch, David

6/25/2011 09:14:32 pm

Jane and Harry--This new site is wonderful and I'll post the link on our class blog to let everyone else know how best to keep up with you. I loved seeing you both in Rome in February and I'm happy our joint post card provided your mom with a laugh as she's always been the best. It's obvious you're enjoying your fantastic trek. Best, Ruthie

Dorothy & Peter
6/25/2011 09:23:18 pm

Harry & Jane, it looks really good and Peter has noted that you have made some dramatic changes which have enhanced the web site. It looks great

Daniel Lothrop
6/25/2011 09:56:33 pm

Love the new site! Looking forward to learning of all the great places you'll go once the motor mounts are in!

Judy and Bob
6/25/2011 10:25:22 pm

Great website! Glad to hear of your travels and sorry we kept missing each other. Pooh Bear will leave Alanya within the next two weeks, heading west, plan to cross The Pond in December. Plan B?? Take good care.

Ann Gregg
6/25/2011 10:25:41 pm

Great having this web site to know where you are and the exciting things you are doing. I especially enjoyed the map with Cormorant's progress over the years!

Jane and Harry
6/25/2011 10:26:43 pm

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to comment and to let us know what is happening with you too. Now there is lots of incentive to keep going!

Scott & Jennie Inman
6/25/2011 11:07:42 pm

Harry & Jane,
You both look as spectacular as the areas you are visiting. Glad you are having a great time.

6/25/2011 11:25:16 pm

I think it looks very nice -- I like the drama of the tree in the photo with Cormorant at anchor. Looking forward to seeing you.

Maribel Watson Koella
6/26/2011 12:09:30 am

Jane and Harry,

Love your website! When I am at my desk working, I think of you often and wonder where you are in the world. Now those of in Tennessee have a place to catch up with what you are doing and live vicariously through your worldly adventures.

Do you have travel schedule plans firmed up yet for the balance of the year?


6/26/2011 12:10:17 am

Hello, Harry and Jane,
Your photos have inspired such wanderlust. Both of you look great and your boat is beautiful. I look forward to watching your progress back to Ponchatoula.

Fiona Campbell
6/26/2011 03:23:24 am

Hi guys

Lovely to hear from you both and congratulations on the site. Just a quickie to say that since you are going west, you will arrive in France at some point and we would love to see you. You are welcome to come and stay and use our house, which is in the middle of France, just north of Limoges, as a base for travelling around the rest of the place. We have plenty of room. Our telephone number is 0555 602170.

We have sold Carelbi, Chris is in mourning, and looking to find other people to sail with but I am happily back on land with my feet fairly firmly planted there, along with all my flowers and veggies! Having said that I think I am going for a week's sailing in Greece in October, but we are more than happy to leave people in the house while we are absent.

Big hugs to you both, Fiona & Chris

Beck Ney
6/26/2011 05:36:20 am

Don would be so pleased! Love the pictures of the fire in the fireplace and the screen. I don't remember having a brass screen, but I bet it helps keep the drafts away. You are living our dream, enjoy. There is always something that needs maintenance. I retired and will move to Tucson in the Spring (hope I can sell the Riverton house). Come visit. Good hearing from you.

Mark James
6/26/2011 05:55:25 am

Great site with fine photos. Marine and I will look forward to seeing you again here on Waiheke some day.

6/26/2011 06:43:47 am

It looks to me as if you aren't having any fun at all!

Charles and Diane
6/26/2011 08:21:53 am

Received your new data today. Excellent presentation. Look forward to meeting up later this year. Timing of our trips now firm. In Mahon from 16th to 20th August and Tenerife from 30th October until around 18th November.
Charles and Diane

Ken and Faye
6/26/2011 10:59:58 am


Great website. Pictures are fabulous.

Thanks for letting us go with you on your awesome adventures. We will check on you often.

Sail on and stay safe.

Brian and Laraine Bennett
6/26/2011 11:05:26 am

Love your site and it has been SO NICE to see what you have been up to. Your life and travels are just fantastic to read. We arrived back from 2 wonderful years in PNG just before Christmas. So sorry that I didn't respond to your Xmas letter. We have just had a sail in the Sandy Straits again to see if 'Just Perfect' had remained perfect while being still for 2 years. She didn't let us down and we had a wonderful time with lots of fish and huge mud crabs being caught. We want to go up to Hinchinbrook Island next year. Have done some trips in our van. Miss PNG but we are now enjoying what we really want to do in our retirement. You both look so great :) Regards Brian and Laraine

Ted and Lorraine
6/26/2011 02:48:53 pm

Great new website. Always an "adventure"
for us to read and see your voyages and landlubber travels. We wish you safe sailing.

6/26/2011 02:58:25 pm

Hi Harry and Jane
Great to read about where you are, we are not far away.. down in Malta heading north to Sciliy later in the week. We are heading across the Atlantic this year so may catch up somewhere in the Med. all the best jean and Alan

Bob Jones
6/26/2011 04:22:43 pm

Good web site and the pix are great. After months of rotten quakes I'm ready to sell the house and go back out again.
Lots of Hugs!!!!

6/27/2011 07:38:06 am

How nice it is to see all the pictures, and read about what you're up to. It's nice for us retired sailors to get our kicks vicariously! See you next time you're on this side of the Atlantic.

Glad to see that Buster Bob's still hanging on too!

Cheers, mates!

Rich and Kelly
6/27/2011 07:42:39 am

ALOHA! You folks look great and we admire your perserverance! Hope you'll be stopping in O'ahu again for a visit. Your room is waiting! R&K

Janey & Neville ARTEMIS
7/2/2011 09:19:51 pm

Sounds like you are nearly ready to go, we both wish you all the best and we will keep a close watch on your progress. It was lovely to have met you both in Gaeta it is a beautiful place, stay safe xx


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