Ward and Judy LeHardy with Harry and Jane
At the end of the last post, we were on our way to the Norfolk area, where we planned to stay a week or so, visit with our friend David Bridges, and look around for possible places to leave CORMORANT next winter.  We had a wonderful time and found a couple of possible places, so on Wednesday, June 5, we continued north.

On Tuesday, Harry remembered that the people we bought CORMORANT from, back in April of 1997, were now living somewhere on the Chesapeake.  So he called to see if they would like for us to visit.  Immediately, Ward invited us to come and stay at their dock.  They sounded excited about it, so off we sailed for Kilmarnock, VA.  The dock and house are beautiful, and the welcome was warm.  Ward and Judy LeHardy were the second owners of CORMORANT and they sailed her around the world from 1991-1996.  They are still giving talks about their experiences and have written--and are now re-writing-- a book, called "Once Around".  Several of their friends came by to see the boat, and Harry and I had a wonderful time showing them around.  Ward and Judy kept finding things we had changed, and thank goodness they thought the boat was even better for the changes!  We talked and talked and talked.  It is such fun to share stories with people who not only have circumnavigated, as we have, but who did it on the very same boat. 

It rained and rained and then rained some more, so we stayed 3 nights on their wonderful dock.  The last night, as we were having drinks in the cockpit before dinner, they offered to let us use their dock for the winter.  For CORMORANT to spend the winter safe at the dock of people who love her as much as we do just seems to be a perfect fit.  If all goes well, we'll be sailing back sometime in October.

Tonight we will be in Annapolis, where we moved aboard the boat on July 7, 1997, almost 16 years ago.  Wow.
Bo & Vivi
6/12/2013 01:03:49 am

Congrats to finding such a perfect place for the winter. Really like the picture of the osprey. We were mystified by the birds when we first saw them, could not imagine they were building their nests next to passing boats. Hope you do not have more of the wet stuff from above.

Jane Rogers Jones and Al Jones
6/14/2013 08:10:59 am

We have friends from Greenville NC who have a house on the water (a creek? that leads to the Potomac), but not "deep" water, near Calao, Virginia. They live off Harry Hogan Road. I think there is a marina there also. I wonder if you will be near them.


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