Sarah and Keith at the closing--on their boat
The past month has been a whirlwind for us, and we are still catching our breath. One month ago, after making the decision that it was time for CORMORANT to go to new owners, we emailed friends and fellow cruisers with the news. We were still planning on getting the boat to the Chesapeake for the winter, then finding a broker, and so forth. Within a week of our email though, we got a note from Keith and Sarah saying "if CORMORANT still has the for sale sign in the window when you get back to Boston, we would like to look".  A week later we took a mooring in Scituate, MA and Keith and Sarah arrived at the boat about 9:30 the next morning. Together we tried to answer their many questions, show them the boat, and let them look at everything. Then, after lunch aboard we went for a sail. At the end of the day, exhausted, we all went ashore and had a wonderful dinner--celebrating Harry's birthday!  

It was starting to get cold, so the very next morning we headed out early to catch the current in the Cape Cod Canal and get moving south. Then about 10 am we got a text. "Check your email. Sarah and I are ready to start the process".  It was all a wonderful experience and both couples feel really happy with the sale and the purchase. It has truly been a win-win situation. For 2 weeks we worked pretty much non-stop to clear out and sort through 16 years of full time live-aboard gear and hidden treasures, making trips up to Keith and Sarah's house in Foxboro to store things in the garage. The survey went smoothly and it was a satisfying pat on the back for Harry and Jane's meticulous maintenance. The surveyor said he only has surveys like ours once or twice a year at most. He couldn't find anything wrong!

On Monday, Sept. 23, Keith Duncan and Sarah Winsor became the 4th owners of Cormorant. They plan to keep her name and change her home port to Boston. The only definite now about their cruising plans is that they are going cruising. That's the proper cruising spirit--all plans set in Jello. We wish them well, and to our cruising friends:  when you see Cormorant out there, stop and visit. The welcome mat will be out. 

As for us, we are driving a heavily loaded rental mini-van south, stopping on the way to look at small trawlers. We had a wonderful 16 years on Cormorant and we feel very happy letting her go to new owners who will be using her as she should be used. We are certain that we are not finished with boating, but our next adventure will be on a small trawler (right now we are looking at 32 feet). We will write more as we figure things out, but the name of the blog will have to change. The voyage of CORMORANT continues, with Sarah and Keith aboard. 
Bo & Vivi
9/27/2013 04:13:36 am

Congratulations to your change of lifestyle. All the best.

Keith & Sarah
9/30/2013 05:19:26 am

Upon our first solo sail as new owners this past weekend, we were graced by a visiting Cormorant that landed for a brief rest. This can only be taken as a good omen for our future cruising.

Harry / Jane, we cannot thank you enough for the careful and thoughtful hand over. You coaching over the past few weeks has meant a lot to us. We hope we can offer you a dry berth aboard S/V Cormorant in the future.

Keith & Sarah

Gina & Lenny
10/12/2013 02:02:07 am

So sad. The right decision doesn't mean there weren't tears in your eyes as I'm sure there were.


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