Our Atlantic crossing was all downwind, so in the Cape Verde Islands we decided to try going all the way without the main--and we did!  This photo was taken on the way from the Canaries to the Cape Verdies, but on the Atlantic crossing we even left the cover on the main.  We weren't the fastest boat to cross, but we probably were the most comfortable.  Probably through sheer luck--but we'll take it--we made the whole trip without any strong winds, squalls, or even rain.  Only 17 1/2 days after leaving Mendelo we were anchor down on the French side of Saint Martin.  With knowledge from the cruiser information network, we knew it was free to anchor in the French side of the lagoon, with charges for anchoring outside and even higher charges to check into the Dutch side.  So we anchor French, and mostly shop Dutch.  Easy. 

Here are more photos from the crossing.  We will do another blog post in a few days about our time here in St. Martin.  No more yotreps reports until we get underway again.

Chuck Spratt
1/3/2012 07:54:23 am

Sounds like a great crossing, and we're all glad you're safe and sound. Despite technology, it is still a major undertaking! Congratulations from your Ponchatoula family!

neville & janey
1/6/2012 01:53:19 am

hi you guys
we watched your position updates daily and happy that you arrived safe and well without and drama's
Lovely to have shared a winter home in gaeta if only for a short time we will be watching with interest what happens next

have a great 2012


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