Waterfront park, Cadiz
We almost didn't stop at Cadiz, but midway through the trip it was apparent we would get there well before dark, so in we went to the Marina America.  After a farce involving changing slips 3 times (mostly our language barrier), then finding there is no wifi, and finally being told the surge in the marina gets bad when the ferries go by, we were thinking we might not stay more than one night.  Then morning came and we went for a shower.  Wow, there was a laundry, clean toilets and showers, and even a glass walled garden beside the sinks.  It doesn't take much to make a cruiser happy.

After that we walked into town, and it was just one beautiful vista after another.  Interesting facts about the city are that it was supposedly founded by Hercules, maybe after he pushed on the pillars to open the Med? ( I have to admit that I made this up).  There is evidence of Phoenicians from 3000 years ago.  More recently, it was the site of the congress of the mainland Spanish and the Latin American countries which wrote the liberal Constitution of 1812.  Since next year is the bicentennial, every thing is all spiffed up.  These photos here are a lot better than words, so here they are:

Chuck Spratt
10/13/2011 03:35:05 am

Really enjoy getting to hear about the trip. I google map your ports just to see where you actually have been. Hope you three have a safe "next leg" of the trip when you decide to leave. The pictures and stories are great. Post more when you can.

10/13/2011 05:33:35 pm

Great photos. You two look so happy.


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