For family reasons, we turned around at Brunswick last July, returned to Jacksonville, and "parked" the boat at Ortega Landing Marina.  In the fall, with real estate prices still low in Florida but starting to rise, we bought this house and now, after almost 16 years of living aboard full time, we have a land base.   But the anchor does not yet have a solid hold on us.  Within the next 2 weeks we will be heading north slowly with plans to spend some time up the Potomac in Washington, DC and then get to Maine by the beginning of August.  As usual, all our plans are "set in jello" and we will continue to update this blog along the way.

After months alone in the marina, CORMORANT needs a bit of TLC to get ready to go again and we have been working more and more as the weather warms.  Provisions have to be checked, bought, and stored.  The companionway door has now been stripped and oiled (no more varnishing outside teak), and Harry is replacing all the hoses in the head.  The engine is already serviced so it won't be long now!  It just feels like sailing weather and we are almost underway.