We got back aboard Cormorant late on Thursday night, after a long saga of missed Space-A flights from the USA to Spain.  Our 3rd try worked and on Wed. we flew from McGuire Air Force Base to Maron in Spain Again we met some wonderful people on the flight.  Jerry and Ann live part of the year in Spain and once aground, they rented a car and we drove to the nearest town and went directly to the National Police station.  Our absolutely first order of business was to get an entry stamp into our passports so we would be legal in the EU and Schengen.  After a coffee together, they dropped us at the bus station in town, and we rode buses all day to get back to Almerimar and the boat.  It was heavenly to sleep in our own bed and feel the boat rocking gently.

The main reason for no photos is that we have been contorted in strange positions trying to get wires into impossible places.  At one point yesterday I was curled up inside the lazarette pushing a wire while Harry balanced on top of the arch trying to see it going past the small outlet.  Somehow now the wires are in and we are still talking to one another.  We are installing our new AIS transponder, which means that not only will we now be able to see information on where ships are, where they are going, how close they will come to us, and what their name is, our own boat will also show on their screens.  Hopefully this will make them even more aware of a tiny sailboat out there with them.  We plan to leave tomorrow or Thursday for Gibraltar so we will certainly get a good chance to check it out.  There could be over 100 ships within range as we approach the harbour.

We promise there will be more photos next time.  Maybe we'll even take one of a Gibraltar ape.

Susanne and Anders
9/23/2011 02:49:50 am

Hi Jane and Harry. Nice to see that you are back on Cormorant again but we are sad to say that we arrived to Almerimar the same day you had left. We will stay here for maybe 2 or 3 days before we go to Gibraltar so maybe we will see you there instead. Hope you have a good time!

Bob & Robin
9/25/2011 02:02:18 pm

Glad you had a good visit back in the States; sounds like it hasn't taken long to get back to the boat chores! VERY happy you'll have the AIS system for your next travels in very heavy traffic. We're finally headed into spring and fencing off a garden. Planning a trip to Northland to celebrate Robin's 60th on hopefully less shakey ground! Will send regular email with a couple sites you might be interested in concerning rebuild plans.


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